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You are a visual artist (drawings, paintings, photography) and you want us to promote your work. That is how it works :

Step 1

Send us some good photos (via www.wetransfer.com) of recent work.

Download the accompanying overview list and send it to us filled in, together with the corresponding photos.
Also send your resume and the reason why you would like us to promote your work to our email (contact@galerieludwigtrossaert.com).
If you have not yet read our standard "Artist Agreement", please contact us via email and we will give you the password to access this data below.

Step 2
We will carefully review your work. You will always receive feedback from us. Eventually, we may make an appointment in your studio to come and view your work and discuss this with you.

Step 3
If we agree to promote your work, we will propose a period when the promotion could start and the period and gallery in which we can organize your first solo exhibition.

Step 4
If you agree, we will send you our cooperation agreement. As soon as we receive a signed copy, we can start the promotion.