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His artistic activity began in the 80's with surrealist drawings and paintings; always in this period Alberto Sordi creates the first collages on paper and cardboard, composes books with the cut-up technique and experiments with automatic writing. His artistic research is now based on the Kaos principle and is concretized in polymaterial visionary collages, obtained by the union of images, gears, wrecks of mechanisms and found objects, glued on wood or canvas, in which he describes social ans piritual alienation of our age. He collaborated with stories, essays and drawings to various Italian and foreign publications.

Alberto Sordi received the 2nd Prize of the "Versi per un '45 Giri" National Competition, Teleuropa, Rome n 1989.  In 1991 he published the book of aphorisms and various thoughts "Lo Ziraq" (Ed. Ellin Selae).

With his most recent works, obtained by combining wrecks of mechanisms, gears, valves, bolts and other recycled materials, with visionary images, mounted on panels or inserted in boxes, he elaborates an apocalyptic and ironic criticism of our era of consumerism, massification, and social and spiritual alienation.