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Her work has a style of its own that strikes the viewer with its lucidity and sparkling colours. Floor de Bruyn Kops plays with form, composition, colour and layered structure, balancing between the figurative and the abstract.

Floor de Bruyn Kops’ work receives national and international acclaim. Her work is part of the collections of many companies and institutions.

After completing her masters degree in Dutch language at the University of Amsterdam, Floor de Bruyn Kops has completed the Academy of Art Ruudt Wackers in Amsterdam (1985-1989). Prior to this she took lessons with Stien Eelsingh, Johan Haanstra and Jan Sierhuis.

‘Floor de Bruyn Kops’ paintings are miraculous stories about the formal aspects of people and objects. Variations of a selected reality, in which the warm light blossoms and the colours turn into living entities. Her painting is sensual and poetic. She paints in an effusive, daring and confident manner.

Her  paint brush shows the amazing skill of an excellent artist. The eye of the viewer experiences clearly what is only subtly indicated and suggestion fills in the remaining parts. Characteristic for her work is the judicious and very pictorial approach of her subject matters and her talent for measure. She is a painter in the rich, lyrical sense of the word: separated from figuration and yet closely connected to it. Her composition seems light-hearted, but has been constructed very harmoniously. For her, the unreality of a landscape is to some extent just a pretext for creating ‘peinture peinture’ which comes close to a visual rendering of a musical performance. It is obvious that her nudes, her objects and her scenes, closely connected with a summery atmosphere, are the evocation and also the mirror of her own sensitivity. The exuberant image of a familiar reality and a certain mode of language have liberated the artist from a too detailed rendering so that suggestion and reality have become one emotion.’

(Hugo Brutin)