foto Franz Bruelhart.jpg

Franz Brülhart's painting leads back and forth, it is a whole system, a complex machinery of painting. ... In many ways, these photo machines go to the extreme. ... But the extreme concerns above all the daring with which the painter touches taboos of colors and motifs with a certain cheerfulness that is refreshing. "(Konrad Tobler)

"An encounter is offered here that does not stop at the skin. Although Franz Brülhart is committed to painting and thus a classic technique, he remains open to the image effects of the new media, blurring, fading and double exposure, for example, and thus for a contemporary look. It is hardly his aim, however, to combine painting and electronics. Rather, Franz Brülhart conveys something of through his penetrating and supporting layers of translucent colors that accompany the images, which can sometimes represent strict surface compositions, then landscapes to convey his gaze, his perception of personality and his character or even his dreams. In-depth clarification or irritation? " (Fred Zaugg)