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My name is Line Lubin but I sign my works under the name of Linou. My journey really started in 2016 following the sudden death of my son ... Difficult moments, a deep descent into hell ... Part of me was extinct ... almost dead ...


To try to revive it, I travel the world and feed on my travels.

After touching the bottom every day, I decided to turn my pain into something bigger ... and it was my artistic creations that really helped me.

Now, my life is devoted to creativity, and it is through art that it expresses itself most freely. I mainly use digital graphic art, digital painting and photography while continuing to create websites.


Fascinated by dualism and polarity in all its aspects, I create an art combining roughness and delicacy, yin and yang, black and white, dark and bright, pixels and dpi, to create an experience, reinforced by augmented reality, in which the viewer can move between fascination and dismay.

I want to share with you pleasure, joy, hope ... but also to call on your reflection and facilitate your introspection.


So if you agree, let's share our feelings to bring out the best in all of us!

I wish you a pleasant journey through my art!