Peereboom in atelier.jpg

Graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, various soloshows including at Centre Pompidou Paris France, Prinsenhof Museum Delft, Zappion Athens Greece. His work is in many private and corporate collections

Peereboom works in Paris and The Netherlands.

Photography is the starting point from which his compositions eventually find their form by adding paint, wood and collage onto his canvasses. The female model carrying the branch is the central figure in his compositions. She is placed in landscapes, at sea shores (“Les Femmes et les Vagues), but also on dikes or depicted on ploughed fields, creating the “Adagio Matinale” series.

There are many aspects in his work: the point of contact between rhythm and architecture, the human presence, the play on the seen or the hidden, although not complimentary, succeed in giving the impression of equilibrium (balance).

Peereboom’s series, bring up a more inner world in which the artist tries to translate what the photography alone can’t express, a feeling, where “words” aren’t pronounced yet - compositions in which silence rules and creates an inner world of contemplation.

Peereboom exhibited amongst others in the Pompidou Center Paris and is part of the Delft School with artists like Jan Schoonhoven. His works can be found in the finest galeries, museums, private and corporate collections around the world.