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René Corstens was born in Switzerland on 27th March 1966 from Dutch parents. After many moves in different countries, he discovered photography when he was 14 year. He bought with saved money his first Canon reflex camera and started also to develop B/W photo’s in the darkroom. When he  received a price for young talent by a Agfa Photo contest, he became more and more an enthusiastic young photographer.

After a long time of photographical silence due other professional career moves and family (to raise a dozen of kids), he discovered to take pictures again in 2017  and developed his  portrait style.  Both in the studio and outdoors he will try to create story telling with his pictures. Although he has a few example photographers, he tries always to be unique.

From his teacher of art on the secondary school he remembered: learn to watch is the most important issue of photography!  And that’s what he did and always does.