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Wim Jacobs (° 1983) is an Antwerp-based art painter.

He was born in an artistic family in Eindhoven (NL) and raised in Essen (BE). After graduating Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp, he studied Fine Arts at the Visual Arts Acadamy Sint-Lukas in Brussels.

Artsit statement 

"The basis of my work is the act of painting and drawing itself.  Rather than a fixed image, the process determines the result.

 Form, texture and colour are an important aspect of my work.  The honesty with wich the materials -oil paint, pencil and oil crayon show themselves provides the spectator an insight in the creative process.  

Throughout the years I created my own abstract visual language that invites you to pause, reflect and set of your imagination.   like to think that my sketches leave a spontaneous and positive mark in these rather dark times."