In this new sample of the pictorial work of the artist Argentina Zamora, we  can distinguish two types of  languages which propose the spectator to re-compose the painter’s virtual reality.


The first oscillation that we are offered go from present to past, from the logic of the idyllic and inert landscape to the distortion into virtual duals, from the sketching of the plain drawing to the explicit search of singular landscapes, from the figurative free stains which sharply break with saturated colors, from the technique of oil painting to the acrylic … and this all to confront us with art’s expectations.


According to Gilles Deleuze: “Everything the painter has in mind is to be found fully in the canvas with the quality of present, past and virtual images.”  And, Argentina Zamora depicts them to us in the color of elaborated pallets abounded reproduce the depth and wideness in a consciously targeted perspective, in metallic colors which show another duality: brilliant above opaque, changing according to the observer’s point of view.


In the second oscillation, she also shows them to us in “open” figures with “distorted” contours and evaporated volumes, against backgrounds which suggest uncertainty.  The artist  relies on heterogeneous sources of inspiration that guide her in her art, and in her work she shows the union of  spirit and soul and its images which are overlapping, recovered, twined and intertwined, laid down next to each other  ..


In her miscellaneous plastic views, originating in the “external world” or “internal world” – another double vibration – there are explicit or implicit signs of  a semantic order and complex symbolism that acquisitively probe into essential constitutive elements of the Arts , through its essentially expressive nature. There is a playful element for the viewer in the distorted buildings which challenge the architectonical logic with their folds, and defy the spectator to recompose those creases.


The Tango “ is a sentiment to be danced ” said master Enrique Santos Discépolo. Argentina Zamora is a sentiment to be painted. In this exceptional recreation of a very own  artistic view, the artist wakes us up:  rhymes, words, images, sounds, metaphors and  sensations which are so complicated that they go beyond the plain fact of watching a painted dance.


Let us hope that her double vibrational search continues in further projects with new languages and their fluctuations, wavering  and vibrations to show us new poetic and esthetic views that will be part of the BEAUTY of her paintings.



Prof. Prof de Castellano y Literatura (Juvenil – Argentina)

ArgentinaZamora - Doble Oscilación

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