To present Bahram is a multi-facetted challenge and pleasure, strongly determined by the specific quality and complexity of Bahram´s life and work. And it is of course a pleasure and a challenge to do this as a personal account and in reflection of my way to look at the world, at the arts and artists, reflections depending on my own cultural roots and aspirations.  


Bahram´s biography and the evolution of his work do not reflect the influences of just one region or of one of the cultures of the world, though dominant influences of Western civilisation should not be denied or underestimated. The course of his life and work prove him, however, to be a true internationalist, or, to use the German term created and used in earlier centuries, to be a Weltbürger, a citizen, at home in the multitude and variety of a more and more fragmented and at the same time united and often claustrophobic world – a Weltbürger, an artist in the middle of a new world in progress, whatever the risks, pitfalls, and promises of globalisation and of culture and arts in a globalising world might be.


There is no doubt that Bahram, at the right time and by whatever coincidences, has reached a ripeness in his art and personality that corresponds perfectly to the challenges and dangers globalisation is confronting us with as human beings and as human kind as a whole, across the borders of countries or cultures and beyond vital economic needs – and it is not the least challenge for an artist like Bahram to insist on visions and new horizons, to allow for pains and honest struggles in human relations, to make loneliness and despair a source for reconciliation and inner freedom and for a peaceful life in the world around us. Bahram´s life and work rose to this challenge.

Bahram - When all is said...

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