Frédérique Lorain is a French and Canadian oil painting artist and a true perfectionist.  The execution of her paintings breathes through every brush strokes on the canvas.  The technique is outstanding and her paintings are like shinning diamonds, meticulously done without unnecessary details, resulting in a non heavy outcome, but fed with all the important elements in order to create a unique atmosphere. They are pearls as far as the finishing touches and refinements are concern.

Her work shows the outspoken world of men and women with a specific character and theme. The world of men is pierced through strength, energy and movement , supported through the immediate surrounding. Every element on the canvas reinforces charismatic energy . Cantering horses, a tennis racket...etc...they are snapshots from the sports world. 


The world of women is filled with sensuality and dreamy thoughts that go much further than they initially seem to relate. The attributes, whether they are books, a glass of champagne, in a setting of a flower shop or in a kitchen, the women seem to be in a daze or daydreaming.  Her world is of inner thoughts, longing, hoping, or yearning for something.  Although the paintings have a photographic precision, they are extremely stylish.  The simplified image catches the attention of the viewer through the strength of its beauty.  But this simplified explanation does not mean that the absolute detail is not present.  The overwhelming eye catching work of " Polo match ", where the horses rush upon, seem to be jumping out of the canvas.  You begin to pay more and more attention to the details until your observation is taking over, for example, by the light reflected in one of the eyes of the animal.  In the details ,the  biggest emotions are sheltered. The confident use of colour is very powerful, imposing and extrovert.


The women in the work of Lorain are dreamy, sensuous and enchantresses, whether they are on a summery bicycle ride or grieving with a friend over a deception of a lost love relationship.  They keep their attractiveness, even in the tormented moments, and you can feel that the hope could shine through.  Sometimes Lorain flirts with symbolism (Love and respect for nature, Emotions, Liberté) whenever her thoughts wander further then what reality can sustain.  It is interesting to notice that these are her last three works.  She creates a dream world  whereas she can claim a role for herself and try to give an answer over the complex question to fall back upon, through the every day way of life .

Someone might say, that the work of Frédérique Lorain is autobiographic , and it is somewhat true.
The desire for beauty and perfection is a constant struggle which is vital to her.
As an outsider, you notice up to each border of the canvas, every aspect is analyzed with surgical precision until the drama of the moment.  Through the frenzy, this drama surrounds the spectator with an atmosphere of hope and desire. 


This exhibition of Frédérique Lorain, with an overview of the last years shows the dreamy past of a strong and determined artist.  Her unique style and controlled technique, holds a prominent place in the demands of the Art scene.

Frédérique Lorain - Expression of a dreamer

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