Born 1958 in Paris from a British mother with a French background and a Belgian father with an Italian background Ruspoli debuted in a group show at the  Museum: “Bastion St Andre” in Antibes, France. He went on to present his work in salons and galleries increasing international exposure.


Ruspoli paint faceless lovers, their simplified anatomies entwined, the primary colours of their flesh reflecting primate heat.


Colour in Ruspoli’s paintings may signify raw emotion as red with rage, green with envy, blue as can be or it may symbolize a universal desire to transcend all limitations and fly over the rainbow into a new world of boundless aspiration and possibility.


Ruspoli himself, concentrating, as all serious painters must, on the painterly process, rather than consciously plotting the possible meaning of his imagery, describes the experience of creating these compositions as feeling on the dynamic frontier between abstraction and figuration , while awash in what he calls a symphony of colours.


On a strictly visual level, similar sensations are conveyed to the responsive viewer as well. Along with the considerable aesthetic appeal of Ruspoli’s sensuous surfaces, and his bold colours often emphasized  like those of Georges Rouault with thick black outlines, his work has a raw emotional impact.


Indeed like his famous Expressionist predecessor Francesco Ruspoli comes across in this series: People in a Group as a maestro of human angst. His work frequently places the human figures and nature in an abstract environment supported by a vivid use of colours where subtle gradation and dramatic contrast express nuance of emotion and sensuous physicality.  The work also expresses the direct sensation of lived experience through organic shapes and forms woven from flowing lines and the gaze of the viewer.


You are invited to participate in a creative encounter with theses elements constructing your own visual languages and meanings.

Francesco Ruspoli - Feeling Thoughtfully

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