Irina Volova paints reality next to the dream, the tangible creatures and things besides the atmosphere that surrounds them, the immediately visible side, which only becomes visible on closer inspection, alienates the viewer and sometimes moves him. Ships in a port evoke numerous experiences and objections among just about everyone, including those who did not stay at sea and never knew the moment of embarkation. 


Striking in her work is the serene and self-assured approach to monumental data in which the linear and the pictorial appear to be tinkering with each other and are always reconciled with each other. Just as her works shows a careful duality of painting and drawing, of the expressive pictorial and the meticulous art of structuring, so too the content and the themes show a smooth and attractive visual union. Sensitive portraits and figures loaded with meaning appear with an equally poignant allure as impressive boats and a mixture of old and new buildings. Architecture and structure under a variety of forms and sensibilities characterize an oeuvre that is varied and always plastically elevated.

The artist acquires her place in a quirky way in a long tradition of harbor and city views, of meaningful portrayal and discrete fantasizing and succeeds in a smooth and natural way, despite the already often used theme, to develop her own visual vision, discreet and convincing, meticulous and fed by imagination.


You can not really call this work surreal, but the obvious realism is distorted by a surrealistic vision. A Certain Reality comes up: the foundations of what we know and the fantasy with which we surround it. Irina Volova asks you to change perspective if you observe the reality around you.


Hugo Brutin (a.i.c.a.)

Ludwig Trossaert

Irina Volova - A change of perspective

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