In today's world of global oversupplying of images and searching for new ideas, we become witnesses of an unprecedented departure of people into online. The search for meanings, existence and consciousness is replaced by the Global Library and by the images that flash on the screen and constantly devalue artistry and beauty.


The aesthetic perception of the world is subjected to an invasion into the individual space of a person through social networks, TV screens and lurid advertising on the streets. Gradually all this orgy of screaming visualization of emptiness appears to a person as something accompanying the modern vision of reality.


Visual images that fill our world aggressively attack our consciousness and subconscious. Gradually the person gives up and these substances, that have come from the outside and been embedded from the world of advertising and stereotypes, begin to rush through the backstreets of our brain. Their phantom echoes settle in our memory, leaving behind a trail of intricate emotions.


As an alternative to this endless trash it comes an image separated from any binding to something material. Abstract art from the very beginning of its inception has been trying to designate another world, the world of mathematical abstract images that are invisible on the external plane.


The artists, reflecting this situation, have came to the conclusion that it is time for  new abstraction. This abstraction is an escape from our intrusive, pervasive, meaningless schizophrenic reality, and is an exit and possibility of life and creation in aesthetic categories of art history.


But it is not only an exit to the pure classic abstractionism. This is an attempt to reinvent it and to create, on the basis of ones own experience, a new vision of convergence between abstraction and figurative, between futurism and surrealism at another aesthetic level of fusion of divergent intentions of the modern human being.


Individuality and society, micro- and macrocosm. We think that these theses which seem to be extrapolated do not exist separately on their own, in fact, they interpenetrate each other. Modern concepts and meanings of visual language gradually begin to mix in the whimsical aesthetics of omnifarious variations. In our case, it is abstract surrealism. As an attempt to understand and formulate new goals and tendencies in the contemporary society and art.

Iryna Berezhko & Bondero

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