To get a better understanding of my work, one has to know a bit about where I lived and which places I visited.  I was born in Amsterdam, Holland and then was brought up in South Africa. Since 95 I also worked in Belgium for a couple of months a year and since 2009 I live and work in France. I visited Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt, Greece, Crete, Italy and Spain and all these places have left their mark on my work especially Egypt and Crete. The paint work in Egyptian wall paintings in the Valley of the Kings and Queens are as fresh like they have been painted yesterday and there is a timelessness in their art which goes beyond history and social values. More recently In the Dordogne where I live there are many prehistoric caves nearby, like Lascaux. The lively paintings in natural pigments, 17.000 years old, have made a big impression on me. They have been painted by stone age man, probably the artists were shamans. I have seen many similar prehistoric paintings in South Africa. I have become more aware that we live on a very tiny, precious little planet spiraling in a vast cosmos and we all have to realize that we are part of this delicate ecological balance on this earth – our Mother.


These 12 works are all done in the Dordogne, except Gaia, which was brought from South Africa They all symbolize the Earth Mother, made from EARTH – different clays which are also symbolic as the earth itself. These earth mothers also symbolize the different stages of earth. Every living creature is in a state of flux and metamorphosis on this earth and the earth and biosphere itself are also in a constant state of flux. There is a very thin thread that keeps the ecosystems and environments balanced on earth and at the moment there are many species that are endangered and there are many catastrophes happening in many different countries, like the recent Nuclear explosion in Japan, floods, rising of the ocean water levels, tidal waves etc. It is time we realize that much of it is caused by our own doing, especially by ignoring the effects of global warming and the ozone effect, which is destroying the environment and this planet, because this balance is disturbed. We have to care more for the earth with our hearts, but earth is exploited mainly by materialism of man. The earth mother is crying , she is fearful, she has wrapped herself up in bandages, she is looking at the sky for answers to these questions. The sculpture “Wounded Earth” is looking with fear to the future, all wrapped up in bandages saying STOP NOW! The butterflies that were used in these works symbolize the state of metamorphosis that we all endure during our lifetimes. Butterflies were frequently portrayed on ancient tombstones as symbols of the spirit that goes to another realm. The earth is waiting to be freed from all that is pulling her down – she wants to take her bandages off and be healed, like “Harmony” which is a work that shows a balanced earth child ready to give the bird its freedom. My dream is an ideal world without conflict between nations where all effort would be spent caring for the earth and its creatures again.

Jessie Mooy - Wounded Earth

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