Kun Fang was Born in Beijing in 1974 but works and lives in Belgium since 1990.  She graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp in 2000.


Her work is the manifestation of a new world, with the origins of the East but a Western drive.  With original ideas and basic means she creates a complete new order :  the serendipity of the art within the limits of the possibilities.


Of course her cultural background and experiences in the western society and the specific cultural context she operates in - both East and  West - plays a fundamental role in her work.


Kun Fang always uses recyclable materials in her art. She recycles e.g. from the museum in Antwerp all craftsmanship print paper and canvas.   Her work is made of 100% organic pigment and fine art materials as used by Rembrandt and Van Dyck.  That is the reason why her work looks soo transparent.


Her paintings and drawings are sometimes a kind of Fata Morgana, but even so very readable and poetic.  The evolution of her oeuvre shows a very self-willed and passionate international young woman who is not afraid to make clear statements in her own artistic vocabulary.


Kun Fang had many exhibitions all over the world and was rewarded many times.  Her series “Red – Black – White”, a solo show in Galerie Ludwig Trossaert, was also exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai (China).

Kun Fang - Black Album - Paris

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