Mounya Kecha benefited from a classical school BAC Mathematics and Philosophy, option Visual Arts.  She graduated from Social Work and worked for twelve years and followed an alternating training of Graphic Designer in Visual Communication Option Multimedia, and works in Freelance.

She took painting classes in Arpajon and drawing at the Louvre museum in Paris.


In her creative approach, Mounya Kecha feeds on theoretical contributions through knowledge in art history and by visiting museums, art centers and various exhibitions. Her practice comes from the technical research for the creation of her compositions. She uses mainly acrylic paint and spray for her creations, but also works with mixed media such as oil painting, India ink, chalk, stencil etc.


Her work can be the result of a photographic inspiration or a composition resulting from pure chance when a visual appears with a feeling of déjà vu.


She often expresses themes that are important to her. As a committed artist, she aspires to transmit an emotion, questioning on the human condition, the relationship to the other, the environment and the society.


Mounya Kecha also includes in her paintings  a scientific and sociological process to compose work that will have two goals :  the artistic one and a visual communication. In addition, she works via frescoes on walls, panel, public space etc. to promote Street Art as a stand-alone art movement.  She aspires to have Graffic Artists expressing their creativity in an open environment, in broad daylight. :  a live show accessible and visible to all. She is strongly influenced by Modern and Contemporary Art including Street Art, as well as Pop Rock and Hip Hop Culture, Cinema and Television.


For Mounya Kecha .... Art is the noble sense of Science, ... "

Mounya Kecha - MY RévÈLE

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