“Living in the heart of SoHo, I am surrounded by fashion storefronts, light, reflections, music, vibrations, marching crowds, police sirens…This constant flow of energy gives me the nspiration to paint.” says Strosberg.


There are 4 floors and large windows separating his studio from this world of mass consumption and glamour. At the end of the day, all that is left on the streets is trash from the retail stores or consumers. SoHo is beautiful and frightening at the same time. Is this neighborhood a vast storefront window reflecting’s people’s dreams or nightmares ? Is it fantasy or reality? What have modern values become? Some haute-couture marks have become so culturally significant that they have acquired a secondary meaning beyond their branding function.


Serge Strosberg was born in Antwerp, Belgium, and graduated with honors from the Academie Julian in Paris, France. Although being mainly a painter, he took photography classes with Peter Knapp, art director for Elle and Vogue, and was always immersed in the world of fashion.


Professional models are recruited at a very young age by agencies and their life is far from glamorous. They are usually not chosen for their personality but for their looks. Many of these young women and men project an impression of narcissism which goes in pair with the voyeurism of modern society (more so male society). They are prey for fashion photographers, consumers who see them in magazines or on posters inside the stores, TV reality show audiences. Their masks hide a much deeper personality that is as complex as other human being’s lifes. Influenced both by German expressionism and American realism, Strosberg paints the models or mannequins, behind the windows of fashion storefronts using reflections as a metaphor for our society’s values.

His vibrant work deals with contemporary materialism, entitlement, narcissism, voyeurism, imitation and uniformity. Unlike fashion photographers who airbrush and work with make up artists to objectify models, or designers who are only interested in the dresses worn, he gives expressions to models from the fashion world on canvas….through painting.


Mr. Strosberg describes himself as “the Expressionist of Fashion.” He has had many solo exhibitions, including the Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton FL; Alliance Francaise Gallery, Miami, FL; Ludwig Trossaert Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium; and the Philippe Fregnac Gallery, Paris, France. He also has shown his work at the New Century Artists, New York, NY; Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China; Orangerie of the France Senate, Paris; and the Jewish Museum, Brussels, Belgium. He has received numerous awards, including a SoHo Artist Certification granted by New York City and the Allocation for Life of a landmark artist’s studio, Paris.

Serge Strosberg - The Expressionist of Fashion

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